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Best Electric Fryer For Restaurant

  • Material – Fully Build up of fine quality stainless steel. Even element is made up of steel which gives good life to fryer
  • Automatic autocut, Both Separately adjustable Temperature. 0-200 degree
  • Capacity of tanks – 6+6 Liters, do not use without oil. KITCHEN Deep fryers are reliable & durable. So you can trust for faith and honesty of service.
  • If you want to operate one at a time it can be done, both of the tanks have seprate power plugs.
  • Do not use without oil, Read user manual before using, do not let children use

king international’s The easy to use adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights allow you to cook your food perfectly every time. Turn to a specific temperature and it will maintain this heat, ensuring your food doesn’t burn. Large enough to cook a good amount of food but not so large your kitchen will suffer from its bulk. Its sleek stainless-steel design looks good in any kitchen, and is an ideal choice for domestic kitchens, family homes, caravans, holiday homes, student accommodation and cafes.


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