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Gas Griddle Plates

The 20mm hard chrome plated griddle plate can ensure higher efficiency and keep thermal inertia.

Various types of griddle plates are available, including all flat, all grooved and 1/3 grooved models.

The housing is made of brushed 304 stainless steel sheets while the worktop is 2.0mm thick.

Automatic temperature setting with temperature, ranging from 100°C to 320°C.

Please take care of temperature probes installed under the griddle plate.

Pulse ignition and easy to operate.

It is equipped with flame failure device to ensure safe use.

Stretch forming worktop with curved design makes it easy to clean.

The gas grill is equipped with high quality gas valve to increase safety.

Different types of gases can be used by changing the nozzle of gas range.


This square iron tawa is 10.5mm, Description Perfect for making Rava dosa. Rava dosa batter is watery and needs space to run. So this tawa has that space to make perfect rava roast …… , Traditional Iron Dosa Tawa is Smooth and its convenient to use. Now, make your breakfast, dinner dosa with ease.,it can be cleaned and stowed away easily in domestic households too.Smooth and convenient Get yourself the easy to handle Dosa Tawa – Square Type Now, Make your breakfast, dinner dosa with ease. What’s more, Add your spices and mix your condiments, this Iron flat pan, won’t leave any residue, no matter what The heat retaining properties of cast iron helps to keep the food warm and distributes the heat evenly Once known for making these tawas, the art from is slowly dying with the introduction of nonstick cookware. We bring you these products directly from these artisans who have been making them for generations. Completely hand-made and pre-treated


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